Collaboration Solutions

Poly is the authority on unified communication solutions. Offering the broadest range of video conferencing systems available, Polycom products deliver rich, life-like face-to-face communications and experiences that feel natural and enable every participant to engage intuitively and securely.

With industry leading solutions including the Poly RealPresence Group Series and Poly Trio Conference Phones and VVX VoIP desk phones, Poly is a leading choice for any organisation looking to improve video and audio communications across their workforce.

Conference Phones

Make it feel like everyone’s together in the same room. The Poly conference phone collection is the gold standard for speakerphone technology that delivers the clearest sound to every participant, in every location. Poly advanced audio innovations allow each conference phone to intelligently adapt to different room environments.

So everyone can hear and be heard, even when more than one person talks at a time. You’ll eliminate confusion and enhance productivity. Not a single word—or opportunity—gets missed.

VOIP Desk Phone

Help teams move faster with desk phones that are intuitive-to-use from day one, feature the industry’s best sound quality and are so reliable you’ll never need to purchase any other phone. How do Poly pack all of that into one device? It’s simple, Poly are continually refining and improving our Open SIP designs and partnering with the world’s best providers to deliver the best phones money can buy.

Poly Studio

Meet Poly Studio, the premium USB video bar built for small rooms and big ideas. Delivering the best audio quality in its class, it blocks distracting sounds that can interrupt meetings. Teams on both ends of the call catch every word. With group framing and automatic speaker tracking, the connection feels personal.

They see all the important details, too—right down to body language and facial expressions. Easy to manage? Of course. The cloud-based management tools let IT push software updates and make settings changes without ever leaving their desk.

Poly Accessories

Poly voice conferencing accessories allow you to customize your devices to meet the varying needs of your employees. Increase the value and functionality of your devices by hearing every nuance in even the largest rooms with expansion microphones or Poly’s legendary SoundStructure sound reinforcement solution. Our accessories to your conference room equipment are designed around the way you work to help technology fade into the background, so you can focus on the important discussions.