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Professional Audio

Manufactured in the UK, Clockaudio products are synonymous with outstanding quality and the company provides unparalleled technical, integration, installation and sales support to audio professionals and their clients around the globe.

clockaudio malaysia


Tracking Intelligent Microphone

The Tracking Intelligent Microphone (TIM) breaks the mould for ceiling microphones. Designed for use in AV conference and huddle room applications.


USB Stereo Microphone Preamp Interface

Working from home is quickly becoming a new work reality and a “new normal” for many companies and individuals.

Today, with our new Clockaudio USB Interface, the CUI-2, we are proud to make all of our solutions accessible to the “Remote Warriors” and people working from home.

With the CUI-2, you can now maintain the highest degree of sound integrity while configuring your own microphone solution, customized to specifically suit your needs and your work environment, wherever that may be.