Streaming & Archiving

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Streaming & Archiving

When you need to manage your video content, you need the best in video archiving solutions to manage your data. At Mitcom we offer a robust and friendly platform & equipment that allows you to store, access and archive your content at the touch of a button.

We have been supplying video archiving solutions for many years and we would be happy to show you what our archiving platform can do. Video archiving solutions need to be secure too and we offer robust security that will ensure only authorized users are able to access your content. No matter how much data you have to store, we can help you to manage your video content in the most logical, secure and accessible way.

Brands we carry :

extron malaysia

Extron is a leading developer and manufacturer of professional AV system..

Easily create professional multi camera productions for live streaming..

The best streaming solution for your organization..