Audio Solutions for Meetings & Conferences – Sennheiser offers the ideal audio solution that makes sure every word will reach the audience whether it’s a two-person meeting or big conference rooms.

SpeechLine Wired

Great for both meetings and presentations, the SpeechLine Wired microphone series has been developed specially to deal with the spoken word and guarantee top-class speech intelligibility.

SpeechLine Wired installation microphones provide versatile solutions for a variety of audio situations, and can be integrated seamlessly into any environment where the spoken word counts.

TeamConnect Ceiling 2

Raise your meetings to a higher level with TeamConnect Ceiling 2. Whether conferencing, collaborating or presenting: The perfected version of the popular ceiling microphone TeamConnect Ceiling makes meetings with remote participants an unprecedented experience.

ADN Conference System

The ADN conference system creates the ideal environment for focused discussions. Whether wired or wireless: ADN guarantees maximum reliability, ultimate speech intelligibility, and is flexibly combinable.