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Control Room Design and Solution

From a central control room, your security staff can remotely monitor the entry and exit of employees, monitor processes, respond to alarms and identify deviant behavior. Mitcom is the Malaysia specialist in control room design and solution, excelling in designing, equipping, integrating and connecting control room solutions for any market and environment. Our product range includes Barco videowalls and controllers, LCD panels, projectors, amplifiers, loudspeakers and microphones.

Our project implementations focus on product neutrality, maximum quality, and optimum durability, while also keeping a close eye on deadlines and costs. With total environment management being the core consideration in configuring and customising our control room design and solution, we work closely with our customers to understand and meet each customer’s individual and specific needs.

Brands we carry :

barco malaysia

Barco UniSee’s bezel-less design, which makes the inter-tile gap...

crestron malaysia

Crestron offer a wide range of control systems…

extron malaysia

Leading developer of professional AV system…