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Leading Audio Visual Solutions for Professionals. Panasonic projectors and professional display screens offer the reliability and robustness to give show organisers and AV professionals the freedom to express their creativity and engage their audiences – without being restrained by technology.

Professional Projectors

With quality comes reliability. Whether for theatre, classroom or conference hall, every Panasonic projector is built so you spend your time using it, not maintaining it. Panasonic laser projectors are designed to be genuinely maintenance-free.

All panasonic projectors are continuously and rigorously tested in the harshest conditions to ensure dependability and durability, including dustproof testing, lifetime running tests, drop tests, earthquake tests, and testing in a range of extreme environmental conditions.

Panasonic Professional Displays

Panasonic display is designed for high durability. This is the most important display requirement. Digital signage shows images under a wide range of harsh conditions, such as continuous 24/7 operation. Panasonic’s professional displays include various models that cope with difficult usage conditions.

Besides, Panasonic displays use an LED backlight and IPS Panel to provide beautiful images in various installation locations.