LG webOS Smart Signage Platform

A web-based multipurpose platform in which a variety of solutions are easily applicable. Based on high performance SoC(System-on-Chip), it can execute several tasks at once and provides smooth content playback, enhancing user convenience with intuitive UI and simple app development tools.

Standard Digital Signage

Take advantage of LG Digital Signage to increase the power and reach of your brand. Move your business to the next level with LG Digital Signage. LG’s standard displays are optimized for different markets to meet diverse customer needs.

LG Video Wall

Design an eye catching video wall display. Whether it’s used to show videos, advertisements, schedules, or air live events, LG video walls offer a stunning way to capture their attention.

LG’s near -seamless video wall solutions make various formats of display possible. It can be extended easily, allowing you to generate effective attraction.


All-in-one collaboration solution for effective meetings, with advanced touch technology and high-performance System-on-Chip. LG’s touch technology provides smooth and accurate 10 points multi-touch with precision for your interactive needs.