A Software Platform for the Modern Workplace


Ready. Set. Share.

Appspace is a corporate communication publishing platform for digital signage, meeting room devices, mobile and desktop. Appspace makes communicating on digital signs fast and easy. Create content with HTML card templates – it’s like editing a slide. Group cards in channels and view them in the Appspace App on screens in the workplace.

Now Anyone Can Manage Content

We’ve made an easy way for anyone to create, manage, and publish information in Appspace. Pre-configured templates for specific types of content—like basic announcements, social media feeds, or data visualization—give business owners a headstart and easy workflow for creating and managing content. Cards also let brand owners define and lock down those templates’ layouts, backgrounds, colors, fonts, and text formatting.

One App To Run Them All

We have just one app for all the devices and operating systems that connect to Appspace, providing consistency across platforms. In most cases you just install it from a device’s specific app store and you’re ready to go.

A Unified Platform for a More Productive Workplace

Deliver even more functionality on the digital screens in your workplace with directories, maps, conference room calendars and more. Deliver on all of your workplace communication, engagement and productivity initiatives with a unified platform – not a mismatch of one-off solutions. Save time & money, keep everything on brand, utilize standard security and reporting protocols and deploy at scale.

Communicate in the workplace with digital signs

Keep your team informed and engaged by sharing the latest news and announcements, dashboards, reports, and social activities on digital signs.